Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tired of Myself

Ever get tired of talking about yourself? Being around yourself? ... I'm at that point. "Things" have improved with FF new job and I have been continuing to adjust. I dont feel completely lost and aggitated anymore, but I'm not totally at ease with myself and this new life either ... just adjusting. In my past life I had a different blog. I enjoyed blogging. I had e-friends then. My e-friends and I have since parted because of my lack of internet access. Now I crave the real thing. E-friends are wonderful. Sometimes it's easier to share my heart with them than the friends I can literally hug -- which are 2 semi-local, and 3 very long distance. I'm longing for more friends, real friends, not just bon fire buddies of my FF, but people/couples who are on the same page as me/us. A FF couple would be awesome! -- but that's getting too picky. So my mission is to network in real life - to go beyond FB & BS (blogspot, haha!).

And right now real life calls from the other room. She's getting fussy and refuses to nap.

Have a wonderful week!

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