Monday, July 12, 2010

Daddy Day

The weekend was a breath of fresh air for me ... and hopefully for my firefighter. The smoke in our relatioship settled enough for us to be able to enjoy our Friday date night with PL. We actually had leisurley (leisurely?) conversation on the drive to and from, which totals about 2 hours. Saturday was a good day as well. It was quite refreshing and just what I needed before he went back to work Sunday. Today appears to be declining, though I'm trying to maintain my positive-ness because I know he's tired and crankiness is/should be understandable.

PL's day with Daddy on Friday turned out to be a great idea. I hated not having her with me all day, but she needs Daddy time. Especially now with his schedule. So I suggested "Daddy Day." One entire day, out of his 4-day, will be Daddy Day. PL gets to spend the entire day with Daddy. I can go to work without her, or do whatever -- the "me" in this isnt the important part. As PL grows up she'll recognize that she has one whole day where she gets ALL of Daddy's attention. He can pick her up at school, take her out for ice cream, play play play! FF wasnt thrilled about having her the entire day at breakfast or lunch when I swung by to see how things were going, BUT as soon as it turned into Daddy Day he thought it was a great thing and is looking forward to that routine and having that day just about him & PL. I'm sooooo glad!

I need to wrap up here. We're going to participate in the Beautiful Baby contest at our little county fair this afternoon and both of us need baths. Mommy's been on a tractor & sweating. =P FF is going to be late to his fire class tonight so he can attend too. I hope the event goes quickly enough so he can be there for the whole thing.


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